Saturday, August 14, 2010

When life gives you anxiety... Go shopping

So by now you all know I have had some crazy stuff on my mind lately! So today I decided to do what I could to feel like I had Ashlyn's school stuff under control. So we went shopping for school clothes for her for the first time! We did so well and got 285 dollars worth of comfy play clothes for 70 dollars!!! I realized after that I didn't have 70 dollars to spend on play clothes but she needed them and her teachers will thank me when they aren't dealing with complicated outfits. Retail therapy always feels good though! I also went and got diapers, wipes, sunscreen, etc... all the little things she needs for daycare. Then I was still feeling like things were out of control starting with Ashlyn's "playroom". It's only a playroom because there is no bed in it since her bed is STILL in the corner of our room. We plan on moving her out after she gets adjusted to the new routine. I wish I had taken a before picture though! It literally couldn't be walked through! Just tons of toys, clothes, stuffed animals, and a tent taking up all the floor space! We re-organized and reduced things she had grown out of and here is the finished result...


  1. She has a few toys :o) Not spoiled at all... just very well loved!