Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 3

So a friend told me after day 1 that her little boy had a bad time on day 1, fell asleep on day 2 at snack, and by day 3 was doing better. After how bad day 1 and 2 went I thought she was crazy but guess what??? She had a great day 3!
It started off rough. I was prepping her all night and morning about what would be served for meals, what they would do, and that her teachers Ms. Maria and Ms. Jodi loved her and would take care of her. So of course what happens when I go to drop her off? Ms. Maria was off today! So the new teacher had no idea who Ashlyn was and I had to fill her in on some of the background while trying to hand her over and get out. Ashlyn started wailing, I burst into tears... It was not pretty at all. At least since this teacher isn't usually in there she was sweet and gave her Marie to love on until she felt better!
I had new employee orientation today so I didn't have a break to check on her all morning. During lunch I looked at my phone and saw that it was naptime and started to tear up right across the table from my new principal. A few seconds later I got a text from my husband who said he had checked on her and she was doing great. I was really surprised that he had called to check on her and was so touched. So I excused myself and went to call him. He hadn't called to check on her at all. He had driven all the way across town on his lunch break to go to the daycare and watch her for a minute on the monitor!!! I can't tell you how impressed, floored, emotional, proud.... I felt when I heard that! What an awesome daddy! He talked to her teacher who told him how well she'd eaten and played and that she was just about to fall asleep for nap with no problems! When I picked her up after school she didn't burst into tears like yesterday... she smiled at me and offered me a bite of her cracker. It was so wonderful! Then she came back to my office and played nicely while I worked for a couple more hours... Now we get a few days off together before school really starts and I am going to cherish every minute with her and my AMAZING husband that I am more and more grateful for every day!

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