Saturday, August 7, 2010

A deals a deal!

I just love my kiddo... I am also going on 3 nights with a collective maybe 5 hours sleep and haven't yet had my coffee so I may be a little delirious right now...
I just followed the banging sounds down the hall to Ashlyn's room, scared I might find her knocking her wall out and expanding the play room a bit... Instead I found her in a corner rocking on her elephant. She hadn't been playing on it lately so I found a little corner for it to reside. It was so cute! So I asked if she wanted me to carry it out to the living room. She said yes and I said "Let's make a deal. I'll carry your elephant if you carry Mama's phone." She looked at me very seriously and said ok. I told her we needed to shake on it. She very solemly shook my hand and I handed over the phone. She put it up to her chest and crossed her arms over it and walked very carefully to the living room. It was sooooo precious! I wanted to take a picture but this was serious business so I didn't. Is this the same child that has thrown my blackberry so many times I'm embarrassed to take it to Verizon to see what is wrong with it? That elephant ride must have been very important to her!

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