Wednesday, August 4, 2010


*** WARNING*** I am about to speak candidly about body changes from pregnancy... Men you may opt out now if you want!***
So I totally get Mom jeans! No not like I've gotten a pair but I now understand why moms wear them! There is so much pressure to get back to our pre-baby selves... All of us moms talk about it. In fact I have a post just yesterday saying how I have 10 more pounds to lose to be back to my pre-baby weight. But lets face it... Even if I lose those 10 pounds I will NEVER look like I did pre-baby. Pregnancy does INSANE things to your body. I am what some people say "One of the lucky ones" because I kept the huge baby feeders even though I was only able to breastfeed a few weeks. But these are not the boobs I wished for in 8th grade (heck in my case I was still wishing for them in college). I can no longer run into Victoria's Secret and grab any old bra off the sale rack. I am shopping at Nordstroms to keep these things in check. And lets not even talk about where the thong underwear have gone...Then there is c-section shelf... Heard of this ladies? I had never heard of this when I was saying how much I wanted a c-section... Google it if you don't know what it is... I won't even delve into stretch marks though if you have them invest in some bio-oil... It will fade old one's too!
Because of these pressures we all find ways to hide these new imperfections to look as much like we used to as possible. Short of binding my boobs (Those of you that shrunk down to a smaller size and are cursing me right now believe me you don't want these) there are many shirt styles I no longer wear. I have figured out some tricks and I stick to those styles. This is where mom jeans come in... Some mom figured out that mom jeans hide that c-section shelf and the few extra pounds we can't lose and marketed it to all her friends! This was just the generation before mine's version of SPANXX... So although I hope to avoid mom jeans myself I totally get moms that wear them! And applaud you for finding a way to feel comfortable in your new body until the day comes that we can just be proud of what we created and wear our battle scars with pride! Until then you will find me in the supportive one piece bathing suit at the pool or full coverage grandma boudoir...
Ladies... What tricks have your found to hide some of your hard earned "imperfections"?

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