Monday, August 9, 2010

A sick baby

So I have a sick baby at home... We have been so blessed with Ashlyn's health. She had one ear infection (which of course was during our trip to Florida for her first birthday) and a couple of little colds. This is still just a little cold but I miss my happy baby! I forgot what it was like when she couldn't tell me what she wants. Now that she is sick she just cries and cries and doesn't really care for mommy telling her to "use her words." I have resorted to all kinds of fun things to make her smile even just for a minute. She had a "pop" for breakfast. And I know we live in the midwest and that means soda but she calls FreezePops "pop." I figure the hydration factor outweighs the sugar factor and her happiness was an added bonus. Yes I know they make Pedialyte pops but she wants nothing to do with that! She knows the real stuff.
Yesterday we were running a few errands and she was soooo done shopping... So to keep her from screaming her head off and annoying everyone in Kohls, I was singing Old MacDonald throughout the store to make her happy! I probably looked a little nutty... ok maybe a little more than a little when I realized Erik had taken her down a different aisle and I was all alone oinking in the shoe department. She also LOVES cats right now and especially white ones like "Marie" from Aristocats so Hello Kitty is pretty high on her list of loves right now... So I bought a Hello Kitty shirt from the Jr's section at Kohls. It says This is What Cute Looks Like... I am pretty sure this sleep deprived snot covered mom is as far from "What cute looks like" as possible but it makes her happy. So if you see me walking through the store singing Old MacDonald and rocking out my pre-teen Hello Kitty shirt just give me the mom nod showing that you've been there! If you bring me an extra large black coffee you might just be my friend for life!

By the way THIS is what cute looks like!!!

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  1. This is so hilarious! Well, the song singing, Hello Kitty shirt wearing part. Not the sick baby part. :( When I worked for Hospice our company slogan was "Whatever It Takes". I've totally adopted that as my parenting motto too!!!