Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First day of school anxiety

Growing up the night before the first day of school was always full of excitement and anxiety... I never slept a wink the night before. Even when I was lucky enough to get to meet my teacher and see who was in my class prior to the first day. I worried about that one student I didn't know... I worried if the teacher would like me... I worried if I had the right school supplies... I worried if my outfit was cool... Even in college I still had these worries.. heck even in graduate school when I knew all my professors and classmates I worried if I could handle this class... would this be the semester that my inadequecies would be revealed?
So you can imagine that the upcoming start of a new school year is giving me nightmares. Not only am I starting a new job... (what will my caseload be like... how will I do with such a large spanish speaking population... what are my co-workers like... what is the new speech at my old school like?-Yes I still worry about my old kids/co-workers)... but now I am sending my daughter to school... and we all know that our children are a reflection of us. Is she going to make friends? Will the teachers love her as much as we do? Will they think I am a bad mother for my choice of outfit or her unkempt hair? Mostly I just worry about Ashlyn... I know she will be fine. She is an independent little girl. She loves the place we found for her. Last time we went to pay tuition she said bye to me and wanted to go play with her friends...
I really do think this will be good for her but I worry. She's such a picky eater so I hope that seeing the other kids eat will be good for her and she'll start eating more... but as a mom I fear that she just won't eat all day. She's such a bad sleeper... I hope the routine and the activity level will lead her to just crash at naptime... but as her mom I worry she will cry the whole time and the teachers will get frustrated with her. She still has some sensory issues... will the teachers help her or just think she's being a brat? I know she'll be fine... deep down I know it. We chose a good place for her but nobody loves your child like you do... and we have been so blessed to have her home with Erik and/or myself until now.
So I have her bookshelf all ready for school to start. I am well aware she isn't going to kindergarten for everyone who is looking at this picture thinking I am asking a little much of my almost 2 year old but there are lots of pictures of "school" in them so she can get excited!
Does anyone have any books they recommend for starting daycare? Anyone have any helpful words of wisdom for how to make it easier for her? and easier for me???


  1. I was reading this to my husband because I'm experiencing this same exact anxiety (and Mason had been in PreK for almost 3 years). He says you sound exactly like me...I feel SO much better to know that you're freaking out just as much!

  2. Ann, I feel like I could have written this post myself...I have all the same anxieties going on right now about both work and sending Maddy (and Tommy!) to daycare. I don't have any magical words of wisdom, but at least know that you're not alone! :) -One of my additional concerns for Maddy is that she won't be stimulated enough. The 3 and 4 year old classrooms are much more academically oriented (curriculum-wise and decor) than the 2s. I'm sure you can relate given Ash's age group. We just have smart little beans! Do you have any concerns like that for Ash?

  3. Rosemary! I posted to your facebook but I will post again here for everyone but Rosemary right there with you! And Ash has to go in the 18 mo. to 2 year room for 4 months first! Love the teacher but there are hardly any books and they are all basic board books which Ash outgrew forever ago. She likes "Big girl books!" The 2's room does more circle time and stuff like that but the ro...om she will be in is almost nothing! If I started thinking like that though I would totally cry!See More

  4. Ann,

    I just LOVE this blog! I haven't had the chance to meet our little bug yet, but I January is coming soon and these ideas/tips are being stored away. I love hearing your stories and your little girl is just gorgeous. Keep the stories coming!

    Jamie Cherry