Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why I started this...

Hi everyone,
Why did I start ANOTHER blog... well first of all I must be bored with my current project and need to start something else that I will never finish... lol I joke but it's so true. I never finish anything. I have a closet full of craft projects that I have never finished but there is always a good reason... Scrapbooks (moved on to digital), hairbows (bought the wrong glue gun), hair bow holder (didn't have everything I needed) and it goes on and on... If I don't buy everything needed the first time there is a good chance that project will be finding a home in our guest bedroom closet! I would take a picture for you but right now we have a giant tv blocking the closet door. This is not only because we have nowhere to store it but so that guests (and my husband) don't see how many projects I have actually not finished!
But the real reason is that us moms really have to stick together. This is the most important job we will ever do... And because of that I think alot of us put A TON of unnecessary stress on ourselves... It's so important to hear from another mom, "I've been there too!" or "Don't worry you will make the right decision." These are the things that keep us going. I always thought I'd be the best mom EVER! I mean I have a degree in child development... I worked as an Early Interventionist telling people how to help their children... Oh if I could just go back and apologize to every parent I gave suggestions on how to get their child out of their bed, how to get them off the bottle, or how to NEVER use a pacifier :o) Being a parent is hard! So I hope by sharing my experiences as I travel through toddlerhood I can create a safe community where we all can realize just how much we rock as moms!
Back to the initial point... I never finish anything so please feel free to leave feedback and encouragement so that I am motivated to keep sharing!