Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 2 was worse

So today was Day 2. I planned on leaving Ashlyn all day today so that I could go to a movie in the morning and get my room set up in the afternoon. First meeting of the year and I've already screwed up! The meeting is Thursday! So I managed to get Ashlyn up, get her to school, and get to the meeting tear free on time and it was a different day!!! Seriously??? I can't handle this working mom stuff. At least last year I didn't have to worry about getting Ashlyn anywhere. When I left in the morning she was often sleeping or just cuddling on the couch with daddy drinking her milk and watching 'toons.
Drop off was easier today... she only cried through hand washing and then appeared to be all better. I went off about my day thinking I had a happy little baby! When I discovered I didn't have a meeting I decided I would get her after lunch and start my room in the morning. So I called to find out what time she would be done with lunch and they said 12:30... and then I heard the but in the director's voice. I wasn't going to ask how she was doing... I know that's terrible but I didn't think it mattered... she had to stick through it and I knew it would just make me want to run and get her... But the director felt the need to let me know that she was having a REALLY ROUGH day. I guess I'm glad because if I'd gone to get her and found out I wouldn't have been prepared for how upset she was. She said that Ashlyn was not sure what to expect with breakfast and cried and cried and cried. It took both teachers to calm her down. Then she just couldn't get adjusted again. Everytime the teacher would put her down or even finish a book and reach for another one she would burst out crying. I got there early so I could watch lunch on the monitor and see if there was a trigger I could find with mealtimes (besides the fact that my child hardly eats and has sensory stuff with food). She cried every few minutes and the teacher would come over and hold her and calm her down. The teacher put a bib on her and she got hysterical. We have only put a bib on her a handful of times when we first introduced solids so she was probably not sure what that was all about. When I went in to get her after lunch she just broke down in body racking sobs! Break my heart!!! The teacher explained the day and said all she drank was milk and pretty much needed to be held all day. My sweet independent baby. They also said she just passed out before lunch and they had to do everything they could to keep her awake. It is 3 hours later and every once in a while she still sniffles, even in her sleep. I just hope she's exhausted tomorrow and crashes at nap time because otherwise that will be a nightmare too.
When I asked if she was excited to come back tomorrow though she said "Uh huh" very definitively. She wore her crown that they made all the way home. I know she will adjust soon and be just fine... I just don't know if I will...

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