Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mommy I a Princess!

That's what my 2 year old came up to me and said tonight. She drug me to the bathroom mirror squished her little 2 year old face up next to mine and said "I look like Tiana!"
I grew up in a household where Princess was my nickname... It wasn't a nice nickname and it usually followed a word that starts with the letter "f".  For a long long time I HATED the word princess.  It turned all of the things that I love about myself into a negative... I was a little girl that didn't take no for an answer because I wanted the "why" of things. I was INQUISITIVE not disobedient... if I saw injustice in a situation I was OUTSPOKEN even when that injustice was dealt by someone I wasn't supposed to speak out against... when I wanted something I usually found it most efficient to be INDEPENDENT and get it myself... Do you know what happens to little girls that are INQUISITIVE, OUTSPOKEN, and INDEPENDENT?  If they are not beaten down into submission... if their will is greater than their opposition... they become EDUCATED, SUCCESSFUL, CARING, STRONG women.
After many years of hearing Princess used in a negative way...I had 2 little girls.... I swore our house wouldn't be covered in pink... they would never own a shirt that said "I am a princess"... but they taught me something and there are several blogs on the subject of what the true character traits of the Disney Princesses are... So when my sweet little girl said "I look like Tiana" I automatically looked past any lack of physical similarities and said "YES baby! You are just like Tiana! You are driven and dedicated to your dreams and your family! You are so beautiful!"  It's hard to picture a 2 year old as driven and dedicated by thats exactly what she is on a 2 year old level.  She is a little bit of Merida from Brave... she has no fear and has unending spunk... Her sister is a mix of Rapunzel and Aurora... She is torn between what she is supposed to do and what she dreams to do... she is funny.... .and she loves animals and nature.  So YES my girls are Princesses... they are strong, brave, funny, intelligent, driven, loving, and kind.