Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Mom smell...

Ever had someone walk by that smelled so good you wanted to chase her down in Target and ask what her perfume is so you can go smell exactly like that? My house growing up had a smell... It was the yummiest most comforting smell. I'm not exactly sure what it was, a mix between some kind of cinnamon potpurri, oranges with cloves in it, and coffee. My sister and I have been trying to recapture it for years with little success... I could walk into the house blindfolded and know I was HOME! I want that for my family. Smells are so sentimental to me. I have smells that take me back to every time in my life, I'm sure you do too. My childhood is that HOME smell... still to this day if I smell the right potpurri I am taken right back to 1987... If I smell Sunflowers perfume I am in the middle of the hallway at Everitt Middle School. If I smell Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger it is Freshmen year of high school all over. Still to this day if I am not in the mood to go out to celebrate a friends birthday or something else social (oh how life has changed that I need a perfume to get pumped up about having a few beers), all I have to do is spray the body spray I wore freshmen year of college. The smell of that makes me long for wild nights and adventure! Clinque Happy reminds me of first dating my husband and our first Valentines day when he bought me a bottle.
But all of those perfumes as much as I love them... are not a MOM smell... at least not to me... So I am on the hunt for my mom smell.. At first I thought mom's should smell yummy... So I went on Bath and Body Works website and ordered Country Apple. For good measure I bought their Vanilla shampoo... Isn't that what a mom should smell like??? Apples and Vanilla? Erik didn't really like it's back to the drawing board! I'm going to be a mom for the rest of my life so I need something really good! Maybe I'll revamp my smell when I'm a grandma... maybe they smell like apples and vanilla but for now I need a classic smell... my daughter needs to be able to walk by someone in 2070 and be instantly brought back to her childhood thinking oh my gosh My MOM!
Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone think I'm crazy to have this obsession or to be putting so much thought into it? Anyone have their own mom smell? Don't worry I won't steal it... I don't want Ashlyn thinking that smells like Mrs. so and so! It has to be uniquely mine... darn it... I didn't think it would be this hard....


  1. I'm not a Mom, but I try to cover up my homely man smell with scented candles. (You probably knew this comment was coming, didn't you?) My Mom loved Yankee Candles, so that's what I've settled on burning. They can be expensive, but I've figured out where to get them for cheap. BTW, I've learned that when you buy them in the big jars, it's the best bang for the buck of any other candle on the market, because they will burn for well over 100 hours apiece.

    I'm a fan of only a few flavors. French Vanilla may be my favorite. And Macintosh (an apple flavor) was my Mom's favorite, so it's one of my favorites by default. But since Erik doesn't care for Apple & Vanilla, you may wanna skip those. (g) I'd suggest getting a couple pumpkin flavors for the fall -- Pumpkin Spice, or Pumpkin Pie. Or whatever they're all called. Perfect for an afternoon or evening burn when the air turns crisp.

    I feel like such a woman posting all this in detail. But I just enjoy my candles. They keep my space from smelling like sweat and old sneakers.

  2. I feel you Ann, but I have realized that our 'Mom smell' will be perfect just the way it is, without us trying. It's the smell we acquire as we go through the day, cooking for the ones we love, doing laundry and all the other things that help keep our families happy and fulfilled. We shouldn't have to try to achieve the best Mom smell... our signatures will be perfect because they will be ours uniquely :)
    PS - I've been using B&BW Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion and body wash for a couple years now, and have literally been chased down in Target by a woman wanting to know what it is :)

  3. Philip, Yep I knew that was coming! In fact we spent quite a while in Yankee Candle yesterday trying to find a smell we agreed on! In doing so I found an orange clove candle!!! Smelled just like the orange cloves we used to make with my mom! I know what my sister will be getting for Christmas! I have a new blog coming at some point about that adventure.
    Michelle- You are so right... I feel bad for ashlyn though if she associates my smell with my cooking... My house still reeks or burnt teriayki sauce from 2 nights ago!