Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home is where your dogs are....

So we are finally on a vacation! A real vacation... We realized today after getting suckered into a time share presentation and they asked but when did you actually take a REAL vacation not just going home to see family? It has been YEARS since we have just gone somewhere because Erik and I wanted to and not because of an event we were required to be at. In fact our last real vacation was when we got engaged almost 4 years ago in Chicago and even that was just a weekend trip. Then of course they said what are the next 3 vacations you want to take and we rattled off the 5 weddings we are going to this year... Again obligatory events... We are looking forward to them emensly but still not just for fun vacations... Anyhow that's not the point of this post... The point is that we are ON VACATION...

Last night as we were trying to get Ashlyn to go to bed she just kept crying "dog dogs" "dog dogs". It was so sad and pitiful and over and over until she fell asleep. Lately when we are at a park or store and she is just DONE and wants to go home she asks for her "dog dogs" She has yet to call it home or house or anything of that sort... She asks for her dogs... They are always at home so that is the connection for her... As we pull onto our street she excitedly calls out "dog dogs!"
Today she was just DONE at the waterpark... now mind you we had been there about 10 minutes at this point but between the sunscreen she rubbed in her eye, the big fall she'd taken the moment she got in the pool that scraped her knees, and the MASSIVE amount of people and spraying water... 10 minutes were about all she could handle... Did she ask to leave? Did she ask to go back to the room? Nope... you guessed it she asked for her "dog dogs!" My little one is such a creature of routines... she is lost without running in the house and letting her dogs out of their cages and bedtime isn't complete without her nightly kisses and snuggles from Ruby dog and checking to make sure Doak is right by the side of the bed. As much as their barking drives me crazy and as frustrated as I am with them 90% of the time... she really loves them and looks to their presence for security. It looks like home really is where your dogs are... I guess next vacation we will be booking a pet friendly room!

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  1. I love my dog, too. I suppress the want to write a whole blog dedicated to her, or to gush about her on Facebook every other day & thus annoy everyone else, but I love my dog so much. She's such a good buddy.