Sunday, August 1, 2010


I had the sweetest moment with my little one a few minutes ago... She was supposed to be sleeping but I heard a little voice call out "mama" I went in and she patted for me to lay down with her and put her little hand up to the side of my face and again sweetly said "mama" I said "uh huh mama's here" She repeated "uh huh" and kept repeating it while rubbing my face until she fell asleep. It was so precious...this little reassurance to herself that of course mommy was there. It was one of those moments you just wish you had on video.. makes me jealous of Kate Gosselin (until I remember what a mess her life is now). Sometimes I just wish that I had a camera crew following me around so I would never forget these moments... But that would mean the whole world would see me burning dinner, screaming at the dogs, and blog stalking just long enough to have my 19 mo. old decorate my favorite chair with crayons...

Moments like these also just make me think. I know that someday this sweet little girl will shout something along the lines of "You are ruining my life" or "You just don't get it." I know this because I shouted these things at my mom many many times. All daughters do it... and there was my mom so strong to my face when I know I was breaking her heart. Hopefully she was able to think to herself... someday you will have a little girl and you will know how much I love you. I know that's what I will be reminding myself when that day comes... for now I will just cherish this little girl that thinks I hang the moon, time is too short to worry about the future!

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