Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Hour

This is what my child has driven me to... Friday, after 2 nights with no sleep (and now she's decided 3 times the charm and added a 3rd day to that...) I was driven to planning our days activities around Happy Hour! Ok ok before you call the authorities on me... Man, Happy Hour has changed for me! Just a few years ago on Friday afternoon you would have found me at Po Boys eating fried pickles and drinking Miller Lts. without a care in the world! Now I can't eat fried food anymore (though man a gall bladder attack almost sounds worth it for Po Boys Fried Pickles), and after one beer in the sun it would be well past my naptime!
Nope yesterday I planned our activities around Sonic and Dunkin Donuts! I had my day planned out just right so that I could be at Sonic between 2-4 for 1/2 price drinks (their sparkling strawberry lemonade makes the sun shine brighter for me) and still make it to Dunkin Donuts before 6 for .99 cent any size coffee! Unfortunately not only did my child not want to sleep at night, she also only took a 15 minute nap yesterday. So we wasted the afternoon away with me telling her to lay down everytime she made enough noise to wake me from the coma I was in because I didn't make it to Happy Hour... maybe if I ate the fried pickles and had a gall bladder attack, I would have to take medication which would force me to have to nap and someone else to take care of Ashlyn.... hmmm I think a good nap is definitely overdue!

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