Sunday, September 26, 2010


When Erik and I took our first trip to Chicago we must have had poor young kids stamped on our forehead... or we must have just arrived in the midwest :o) As we got off the plane and were trying to figure out how to buy passes for the El a couple came up to us and said their vacation got cut short and they still had 5 days left on their 10 day passes. Would we like them??? Um Sure! They actually expired an hour before our flight home! Jackpot! We were staying a block from the Taste of Chicago in the Palmer House Hilton. It was AMAZING! On our first day of the Taste as we were walking in a family stopped us and offered us their extra tickets. It was the most amazing magical trip and we still talk about how nice those people were. Just recently we went to the Wisconsin Dells. A man at the table next to us asked if we had tickets for the day and we said yes but not for tomorrow. He gave us two free tickets to Noah's Ark Waterpark the next day. He said we reminded him of himself. Since he was sitting with his 10 year old son I imagine he was thinking about earlier vacations with a young child. We all know those can be a bit stressful :o) It rained all the next day and we didn't get to use the tickets but it still made our whole day that he had given them to us.
So we now make it a point to give any extra tickets to someone who can use them. After the Wisconsin State Fair we had one lonely ticket left, you wouldn't believe how it brightened up the face of the little girl we gave it to. Yesterday as we were leaving the zoo we had 2 guest passes and 2 tram passes left that would expire before we could get back. We found a young couple with a little girl Ashlyn's age and gave it to them. They couldn't believe we didn't want money for them. Now I think we all know that we sure could use the money for them but it felt so good to give them we didn't want the money. As they walked off to the zoo I could tell it was going to be an even better day for them because they saved almost 40 bucks. It's amazing how much better it can make your day! It's so funny the shocked looks on people's faces when they are given something free. Even if it's just an extra coupon for something they are looking at in the grocery store! Have you ever done this? Doesn't it feel awesome?

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  1. This is why "Pay It Forward" remains one of my favorite movies all-time