Friday, September 10, 2010

Little white lies...

OK people I know you all do this... tell your kids little white lies... I am worried some of mine are going to come to an end really soon as my little one is really grasping the little nuances of the English language.
For example... Somehow Ashlyn learned that there is a Subway next to her daycare and they cookies. I'm not sure how she learned this because we are not huge Subway people and if we do go it's usually in the mall food court. We have never been in the Subway next to daycare but one day as we were leaving she started pointing at it asking for a cookie. So of course I was so impressed that she knew that I just had to get her a cookie! The cashier even gave her an extra one for free since she was so cute! Score a cookie for mommy. You can guess the next time I picked her up at daycare what did she ask for? Yep a cookie. So I began finding ways around the cookie trip every day. My wallet and waistline just can't handle it people. Today I told her "We have cookies at home." She sat so sweetly in the car and of course as soon as we pulled up at the house she said "Cookie peas?" Oh darn! I had really hoped she'd forget... We have NO cookies in our house! Due to my inability to resist yummy baked deliciousness my child is now never going to trust me AGAIN! So I gave her a graham cracker and told her "Here's your cookie sweetie!" I mean it's sweet and crackers really should be salty... so she bought it. She knows they are called crackers but for some reason she totally bought it and has now had 3 of them. So mom friends... what little white lies have you told your children... and how long do you think this one can last???

Ashlyn on the ride home today!


  1. SO Mason refuses to eat most of the dinners that I cook at home. His teachers at his preschool last year said he ate lunch EVERYDAY there...even seconds alotta times. I knew he loved their meatballs, but he would NOT eat mine. So I told him that the lunch lady gave me her recipe! It took a little convincing, but IT WORKED! And I still lie about it every time I make them!