Sunday, September 12, 2010

And the Lesson is...

... never trust a sleeping baby!

So Ash was finally beginning to drift off for her nap after laying and watching "George" for well past when she should have fallen asleep. Being the trusting tired mommy that I am, I guess I also drifted off. I woke to her handing me a pen very sweetly. I nicely reminded her we don't play with pens and we went back to sleep. Fast forward to her waking from her nap a few hours later. I had gotten up to get some things done and when I came back in to get her this is what I discovered I had missed earlier in my sleepy state...

Mom's if your child comes to you with a writing utensil the FIRST thing you should do is explore EVERY possible place they could have been recently. She must have really thought she pulled one over on me!
I guess I will no longer keep her journal right next to the bed with a pen in it... Off to get new sheets!

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