Friday, September 3, 2010


Ashlyn: "MAW-MAW!!!!!!!"
Me: "Yes, Ashlyn?"
Ashlyn: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" (in high pitched screaming voice)
Me: (runs quickly to where she is)
Ashlyn: "kahkit?" (in a very sweet calm voice)

This happens in my house at least 6 times an hour... Chocolate Milk, or the lack of, is such an immediate crisis in my house that a blood curdling scream is necessary!
After watching/listening to this exchange a few times my husband noted that it's her response to me saying "Yes, Ashlyn?" He was right of course. If I answered, "I'm coming." She patiently waits. Interesting...the thing is I don't want to jump up every time I hear mama... I would love to know what she wants so that I don't walk all the way to the playroom to discover she wants the chocolate milk, pacifier, doll, ________ (fill in the blank) that was sitting right next to me when she called me. So I told Erik... "I wish I could train her to tell me what she wants..." Yep I said train her... As I said that, I walked to the bedroom to see what she wanted for the 500th time that day...
I walked in and said "Yes, Ashlyn? what do you need?" She patted the ground next to her and said "mama" with the sweetest smile. Here I am talking about training her to facilitate my laziness and all she wanted was to have me near... Wow... Do I win the crappy mom of the day award or what?

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  1. No, you totally don't. Things like that get old after a while and it is hard to have patience. I'd be too embarrassed to list my crappy parent award moments for the week...