Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things kids say...

I feel like I've been a little down on my mom skills lately so I thought I would post a happier blog today! Maybe it's because Ashlyn slept in until 8 am on my day off! In true Ashlyn style she did wake up 4 times during the night asking for "choc choc" and when the last one was her standing right at the side of my bed nose to nose saying it I pulled her into bed with me. Any ideas friends? Is she hungry/thirsty at night? Is that why she keeps waking every night many times begging for chocolate milk? I offered water... she didn't like that idea!

So anyhow! Ashlyn has had an incredible language explosion lately. Many many times a day Erik and I say... "I'm 99% sure Ash just said...." We are still in disbelief that she is saying these things but they are always in context and sounds pretty accurate in Ashlyn speak. Here are a few of the recent ones...

While talking to my mother-in-law last night... she asked what the baby likes now. I said Well "her favorite color is yellow." Erik piped up "Well she likes green too." I asked Ashlyn..."Whats your favorite color?"
Ashlyn: "Yeyow, buh dada say geen" HUH?

This morning my phone fell off the bed and Ash tapped me and said "mama! It fell" clears as can be past irregular past tense verb! Craziness!

Also this morning Ashlyn did something that could have been a cough or a sneeze so Erik said "Bless you"
Ashlyn: "No, Cough cough!"

On the way to school we brought our dog Doak because he had to go to the vet. Ashlyn thought this was so silly. I said "Doak is going to school with you"
Ashlyn: "No, coo fo baby!"

I just love this kid to death! How cute is she! I just love her logic and humor and everything that is developing as she grows! We cannot say anything at all around her without her commenting on it! There was a little girl in the kindergarten class I was reading to yesterday that would literally read the story over me... I just wanted to tell her to STOP! And then I realized this precocious kid so eager to please and show off her skills is what I was like 25 years ago and what my daughter will be like in 3 years! Wow!

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