Sunday, September 12, 2010

Keeping it in perspective...

As we were driving home from the city where we watched our Noles get creamed by OU my husband said something that brought me to tears. Those who know my husband know that he is a man of few words (unless he's talking about sports). Every once in a while though he says something that reminds me that when he does talk I should definitely listen. I am so blessed to have such a great husband. So I asked if he at least had fun watching the game even though we played so badly. I knew the answer would be of course not, what a waste of a day, waste of money, waste of a year... etc... My husband takes sports to heart. But what I heard was, "Yeah it was a good day. I realized a few days ago that I am not going to stress anymore about little things, including sports. I have a healthy daughter and a loving wife. There really isn't anything to stress about." Wow! So powerful and so true. My eyes began filling with tears. For a Words of Affirmation person this little nugget was like gold to me. I told him I totally agreed, however, I will still stress about money. He said that even money isn't a reason to stress. We will get by, we always do, but to think about all the friends I have that have been dealing with so many health issues with their children/spouses/parents. Our money issues are nothing compared to dealing with the stress of a child with a serious medical issue. We have been so blessed up until this point. He is so right. I am really going to try to stress less and appreciate more. I am even going to go watch the Bears game right now that football is back to a fun game in our household!

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