Friday, September 3, 2010

Crappy Parent Award #2

It has been hectic in our house the last couple of mornings. Daddy is working further away so he has less time to get Ashlyn ready in the morning. I have been getting her dressed and getting her hair combed (which can be quite the task). This morning I put her in a cute little tank top and jean shorts. As I left for work I was surprised at how chilly it was outside. I got to work and called Erik and told him to change her clothes that it was pretty chilly. He said no it will warm up. He did put a t-shirt on her though. I got to school at 4:00 and they were outside playing. All her friends were in pants and jackets and here is my little one in a borrowed sweatshirt cuddled up in the teachers arms. How TERRIBLE did I feel? In my defense it has been in the high 80's so I totally did not expect it to be 65 out today! Also it rained all day yesterday and looked like it would today so I did not think she'd be going outside either. Man I feel bad though! I'm going to have to stock daycare with an entire extra wardrobe just to make up for my parenting mistakes...

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