Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ashlyn's first visit to the men's room...

Have you heard all the debates about what a man should do when he's in public with his daughter who needs to use the restroom? Does he send her in alone? Does he take her into the men's room? Well Ashlyn's first trip to the men's room wasn't with Erik!
We watch the FSU games with the Alumni Club here. During the game, I needed to use the restroom but Ashlyn didn't want me to leave her. My sister said she would go with us to hold her for me. Since Ash LOVES to wash her hands I figured that was fine. Problem was when I got to the restroom, I froze in the doorway... I stood there honestly contemplating when in the world did someone remove the other stall??? I was just in here before the game started and it's only the 3rd quarter? What is going on??? Right then I heard behind me... "Where are YOU going?" Thank goodness it was just my friend Joel and not some random man but yep Ashlyn and I had stood there in the doorway for a good half a minute. My sister even said she kept saying "Ann! That's the men's room!" And yet I was still frozen and my brain instead of recognizing the urinal and immediately thinking Oh Crap! I continue to try to figure out who this speedy re-modeler was that can remove a toilet and stall, re-tile the floor, and install a urinal in a ladies room in less than 1/2 a football game! Wow! The even crazier thing is I wasn't drinking today for some reason! I guess I knew I needed all the brain cells I could get today!!! Wow! I have got to get more sleep!

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