Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wake up call...

Wow... I just had a heart stopping, take your breath away, stop and immediately pray moment... I had just gotten home from work with Ashlyn, and was trying to figure out how to deal with the dirty dog that had rolled in mud before work... my husband locked him in his crate because he didn't have time to deal with him and forgot to mention it to me. So as I stared at the dog, Ashlyn wandered off to play. She is allowed to play just about anywhere in the house. We have baby proofed it and she plays nicely by herself. We usually keep the bathroom doors shut. After I got over the shock, I decided I was going to have to wash the dog right away and walked to Ashlyn's bathroom across the hall from her room... and then I noticed... and my heart stopped.
Rewind to last night... daddy gave Ashlyn her bath. It was a crazy night because my sister was over as well. Ashlyn asked to sit on the potty after her bath (didn't do anything on it but we spent a long time sitting there). Then she got new jammies and that is always exciting. Finally my sister left, the commotion died down and Ashlyn went to bed.
Ok fast forward... I walked down the hallway and saw the bathroom door wide open... and in the bathroom was a FULL bath. Toys still floating from last nights bath. With the commotion of the evening nobody drained the tub. Ashlyn was playing nicely, and fortunately she was in her room 10 feet away from the bathroom. But she had been playing for a good 5 minutes very quietly before I walked back that way.
This was such a wake up call to me. You can do all the baby proofing you want but it can be the simplest mistake that can change your whole life! I drained the tub, gave her a big hug, and then said a prayer thanking God for watching out for us.
Prior to this blog, I would have kept this quiet out of fear of being judged a bad mother. Maybe not even told my own family (not that they would judge). But I have promised myself that I will share the ups and downs of parenthood with my readers in the hopes that someone else will read it and say oh man I'm not the only one who has done __________, or in the hopes that it is also a wake up call to someone else... So there it is my crappy parenting of the week award...

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