Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Contest to Remember

One of my friends Rebekah Hood writes a wonderful blog I stalk Prior to this blog I stalked her photography blog I have been a client of Rebekah's 5 times! I just love her photography. She did our engagement pictures, wedding pictures, some pictures as a gift to my husband for our wedding, maternity pictures, and 3 generation pictures when Ash was just 6 weeks old.

Her blog yesterday was a contest challenging us to celebrate our little ones in honor of National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance day. Being a fantastic photographer of course her challenge is to submit a picture showing how blessed you feel for what God has given you. It's still open until tomorrow night so go check her out!
This past year has been a very hard year for one of my dear friends. I can't imagine the pain she has gone through losing a baby before even meeting it... much less two. I love you and I think of all the pain you have gone through and wish I could carry some of it's weight.
So today here is how I took to heart Rebekah's challenge. We were in the city watching FSU football... Ash was bored and wanted to go for a walk. So instead of rushing her out and back in as quick as I could, we wandered the neighborhoods around the restaurant. We walked up and down the streets looking for choo-choos, airplanes, red cars, and blue bikes... we stopped to pet dogs... and drink chocolate milk... we picked up leaves and threw them to the wind... we bought a little pumpkin... we met a police officer and looked at her car... and we laughed... For this first walk I even left my camera in the restaurant. I have been "accused" of living behind my camera and not really participating because I'm always trying to get a great picture... I say I don't ever want to forget a moment so I want it all documented... Even though I didn't have the camera I don't think I will forget any of these moments we created today... It was magical. We did wander back to the restaurant and I couldn't resist grabbing the camera as we headed back out to walk again. So I did get a few shots of the day to show you...

Shuffling through the leaves... So much fun!

Throwing leaves!

Does that say happy or what? We had such a great time!!! Thanks Rebekah for opening my eyes to all the little pleasures of my little one!

and of course a day wouldn't be complete without a new scrapbook page! This was done using Just So Scrappy's It's Fall Ya'll kit.

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