Friday, October 15, 2010

A Halloween fashion show...

I have already posted how much I love dressing up little people in adorable costumes. This drives my husband crazy but at least I'm thrifty. So far Ashlyn's costumes I have for this year total a grand total of 15.00. I bought them 2 at after Halloween sales last year and the scarecrow at a resale. My father-in-law is in town and I wanted him to see Ashlyn in her costumes and make sure they fit before all of the fun Halloween functions start. I can just imagine getting all excited about a party and realizing none of her 3 costumes fit! Ash decided she wanted to try them on (with a little enthusiastic coaching from mommy). I just couldn't resist showing you a few of my favorite pics from our fashion show!!!

Little Red Riding Hood... look closely the wolf is sneaking up in the background... or stopping to scratch his butt... use your imagination...

Mommy's little flower! These are my favorite costumes, but I don't understand why they sell them with tights. If you are going to put a costume this thick and warm on your child would you really have thin little tights on their legs? We put a nice fleece outfit underneath and it is great for the coldest of fall days up here! Plus the flower hat is so cozy and warm... Do you think it would be ok if this was her winter hat this year?

I love the little homemade scarecrow and wish I was crafty enough to make something that cute! But we all know me... I would buy the material, get out the sewing machine, get frustrated trying to thread the needle and she'd end up dressing up in a toga like a character from Animal House.

Of course you know that she didn't want to be any of these things, but she humored me and seemed to really enjoy dressing up. What are your little monsters being this year? What was your favorite costume growing up?


  1. I still don't have costumes for either one!!!!

  2. Okay, I thought each one was my favorite until I saw the next one! They are all sooo cute! I am a little partial to the flower. LOVE IT!

    My girls and I are dressing up as the Chipettes because Kate is such a little Elanor. :) We tried to talk Eli into being Alvin but he is set on Darth Vader. That boy is obsessed with Star Wars. My days of picking the costumes is long over. :( Oh well, I've never been very creative in that area so it is fun to me to hear what they want to be.

    My favorite as a child was a dance costume that I used for Halloween. I was a California Raisin and I thought I was the coolest thing ever. Little kids (I was 7 at the time :) wanted to shake my hand. :)