Saturday, October 16, 2010

Great New Products!

Since this blog is all about helping out other moms/parents/friends... I thought I would share with you 2 of my favorite new products! Of course I don't work for either of these companies but I just love them so I had to share!

One of the best gifts I received at a baby shower was from one of my best friends, college roommate and one awesome mom! She got me a huge tub of Oxyclean Baby. This stuff is even better than regular Oxyclean. We couldn't buy it where we lived, in the big tubs so she would bring me some whenever she came to visit. I would soak Ashlyn's stained baby clothes and always got the stains out. I didn't just stop there... I used it for all of our clothes. It gets out everything! Something about the baby version is magic! Recently I came across the spray version. I was skeptical but decided to try it since it was a quarter of the cost and seemed easier. This stuff is AMAZING! It even takes out long set in stains! I bought Ashlyn an adorable outfit from a resale but later realized it was stained. Sprayed it with this, let it sit a little while, and the stains were GONE! I've used it for every kind of stain and it has taken them all out! So I give 5 stars to Oxyclean Baby in the spray bottle.

The second product is just as wonderful. It is the new Carmex lotion. I grew up in Alaska where Carmex was a winter staple. It is rich and creamy and soaks right into your skin leaving it nice and soft. The best part though is the smell. It smells like my childhood... a mixture of a Cabbage Patch Kid and a hint of Carmex!!! I can't help but smile all day when I smell it. So if you see it I highly recommend picking up some!!!

Have you tried either of these? Any products you recommend I check out???

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  1. Stephanie WisnewskiOctober 16, 2010 at 10:24 AM

    Whoa, carmex lotion?? Never heard of it. I use the lip stuff, and hubby hates it. If I got the lotion, it would be like an entire force field on me! Josh would never come near me! LOL