Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cause and Effect in the Preschool Child

This is usually the relationship between my girls. Bear is very into baby dolls and loves to help with her sister. She tells us throughout the day "Be careful Mommy, her a baby." The other morning I came out from brushing my teeth to see this picture. Bear said, "Mommy, her was crying so I give her a bottle!" She is such a big helper!
I am going to blame the next story on the full moon. Bear was never a biter. On a few occasions she tested the waters but it was 2 years ago and lasted a week tops. Imagine my surprise when baby Bees started screaming bloody murder and Bear ran to hide, only to find out she bit the baby's toe!!! She didn't break the skin but you would have thought she did the way the baby screamed. All I can figure is that her new love of the movie "Lilo and Stitch" influenced her since she ran around all weekend pretending to be Stitch.
Later that day we caught her feeding a goldfish cracker to her 12 week old sister. She knows Bees can't have food yet and tells us over and over but I think she is now at the stage that she wants to question our authority and find out WHY we say things can't happen. I love her inquisitive nature but I wish we could find another way to explore the laws of cause and effect without practicing on our baby sister! That was definitely a wine and bubble bath kind of night! Anyone have any suggestions to help with this situation???

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