Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A 3 year olds take on skin color

I promise this conversation actually took place on the day celebrating the great Dr. Martin Luther King jr. I would like to take credit for it and say we we're having a thought provoking conversation about skin color but I can't. It was completely spontaneous and completed came from Bear's 3 year old brain.
Bear: "Mommy what color you skin?"
Me: "Um, I don't know... Maybe peach?"
Bear: "OK Mommy, then mine be pineapple!".
Wouldn't it be nice if everyone thought of skin color as no more complicated than fruits belonging in the same food group. They are all delicious in their own way, everything contributes equally to an awesome fruit salad, but they are all simply yummy fruits. Is this truly any different than people? We are all delicious in our own way. We all contribute equally wonderful things to the world. And most importantly we are all PEOPLE! I absolutely loved this conversation. It really made me stop for a moment and think. I love the innocence of her young brain. I love her questioning nature. Right now is our chance to mold the youth and their views. If we allow them to think skin color is no different than different kinds of fruit and let them know it is important to challenge anyone who thinks differently wouldn't it be a better place? It's not realistic to think they won't encounter prejudice and ugliness but if we put love and equality into their hearts we give them a fighting chance to make this a better place.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. How awesome is this! I love kids and how they have no prejudice. If only adults could be the same way.