Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Here's how the typical conversation has gone since we've found out we're expecting...
Me: Guess what! Another baby is on the way!
Co-worker, Family Member, friend, landlord, random stranger (take your pick) Asks one of 3 questions.. It is ALWAYS one of these three questions:
1) What are you having?
2)Are you going to find out what your having?
3) When do you find out what your having?

This totally threw me. Even my in-laws didn't ask the question I always think is most important to ask first... "When are you due?" OR "How far along are you?" To me this is the most important first question because I can quickly determine lots of information to lead me to the next question. For example. If she says "7 weeks" I know she is puking several times a day (or wishing she could), I know that she has NO idea what she is having yet but I can quickly figure out about when she will know what gender the baby is, I know how soon I can start shopping for baby gifts and planning showers (my fav. part!).
The second question, "Are you going to find out?" always SUPER throws me. I have trouble imagining why anyone doesn't find out (unless you are my friend Rosemary who has 2 children under 3, 1 of each gender and doesn't need to shop or sell)...
Most people who are do not find out say its because they want to be surprised...
I feel that the day your child is born is a big enough surprise... How long is it going to take? Who are they going to look like? What is their personality (yes a newborn does have a personality of sorts)... There are so many surprises... and just the emotions you feel when you hold your baby for the first time are so surprising because they are so intense. I don't need a surprise that day...
When I need a surprise is 1/2 way through... when it is dragging on and if one more person asks "Do you know what your having?" you know you'll just snap. I am an impatient person so finding out what I'm having is truly the highlight of the pregnancy. The second reason I like to find out is that I think it really helps you bond with your baby. It makes it more real. I think this is especially true for the fathers. Whats nice is that right around this time is when the kicking and other bond-forming moments start. Its so much easier to bond with your child when you can really begin visualizing what your life will be like... will it be pink or blue... trucks or dolls? And once you've named your child... ahhhh... I love that!
Back to visualizing your life... Now you can SHOP!!! The second most fun thing! My husband and I had way more fun registering for our first baby than we did for our wedding!
The second time I need to know more than ever because our house really is covered in pink. It's so hard to go gender neutral. If this baby is a boy we have a lot to sell and alot to buy! If its a girl we get to relax and start unpacking all the adorable outfits that we were lucky if Ashlyn got to wear once!
So yes we will be finding out what the baby is... We should know by mid May if baby cooperates... and I have the cutest way I'm telling everyone! I can't wait!

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  1. LOL...thanks for the shout out, Ann! ;o) I'm excited to see how you reveal the news!