Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gender Part 2

I am one of the most impatient people in the world.. Every year my husband ends up getting his big Christmas present early for his birthday (Nov. 25th) and I am running back out to buy another better present before Christmas (which he usually gets no later than Christmas Eve)... So when it comes to finding out the gender of my children I am incredibly impatient... I can't do anything else until I find out... No shopping, no real naming... annoying!
With Bear, we were CONVINCED she was a boy. The Chinese Gender chart said boy, all the old wives tales said boy, we even spent 34.95 on an Intelligender test that of course said BOY!!! Of course when we went for our gender check it was clear as day... GIRL! And now we have a beautiful girly girly girl!
This time around many things are opposite. For example... They say that "Little girls steal your beauty" but when I was pregnant with Bear I felt radiant... My skin was awesome, my hair was thick, I just felt beautiful. This time around my hair is a mess, my skin is breaking out like I'm 15 years old and work at a fast food restaurant...I feel GROSS! So does that mean I'm having a boy or that I'm going to give birth to the most beautiful little girl in the world? I mean if I felt that beautiful pregnant with Bear and she is as beautiful as she is... this one would have to be gorgeous!
The Chinese Gender Chart says boy again... we know how that turned out last time...
Bear's heart rate was always around 135 which should be a boy... The baby's heart rate is usually around 160+ which should be a girl...
I craved pizza, chips, buffalo sauce, etc with Bear... Salty and Sour things mean boy...
This time around I crave chocolate and sweets... cupcakes, brownies, popsicles, but also lemonade... besides the lemonade (which makes me sick EVERY time I drink it) that all sounds like a girl...
Mayan legend says if you look at mom's age at conception and the year of conception if they are both even or odd its a girl if they are opposite its a boy... That would again make Bear a boy... and this baby... a girl...
Morning sickness... a lot for a long time indicates girl... very little or only for a short time.. boy... With Bear I was only sick in the evenings and it was only for maybe 3 weeks...meaning boy... This baby... sick all day long for at least 5 weeks so far... so does that mean girl again???
Chinese Gender Chart- Boy
Mayan Legend- Boy
Nausea- Boy
Cravings- Boy
Beauty- Boy
Heartbeat- Boy
Intelligender- Boy

Baby 2
Chinese Gender Chart- Boy
Mayan Legend- Girl
Nausea- Girl?
Cravings- Girl
Beauty- Girl
Heartbeat- Girl
Intelligender- Not wasting the money

So here's all the evidence folks.. What do you think... will we follow the same pattern of everything being opposite and we have a little boy on the way... or do we go with that being a fluke and we have another beautiful little girl coming??? Take your vote over on the right!!

P.S. Anyone else have any experience with these "gender predictors?" right or wrong for you?


  1. lol...I have NO earthly idea what's cooking in my big belly, so I refuse to vote on yours! I'd probably be wrong Either way, this baby is LOVED! :) So much effort is already going in to figure this little one out! Can't wait to find out who you'll be expecting!

  2. Well the Chinese predictor told us we were having a girl and ultrasound told us different. I am carrying low.. but I crave sweets. My husband puts a dash of salt on our food and I can't eat it. I have had heartburn/nauseousness fairly consistent in the 1st and again in the 3rd trimester. And I broke out like crazy 1st trimester and it's not horrible now, but definitely worse than pre-pregnancy.. (Maybe I've just gotten use to it..) SO based on those things, I should be having a girl. Which my mother-in-law would die for.. But doctors tell us Charlie is all boy. Wish he'd hurry up and get here! Love you!