Thursday, June 30, 2011

Being a stay at home mom...

is tough work! I really am loving being home with Bear this summer but I am learning a lot about what stay at home moms go through. I had grand plans for keeping the house clean, delicious dinners on the table every night, and lots of stimulating and educational activities to fill Bear's day. What I actually have is a trashed house (every time I clean one thing she destroys another), I have yet to cook a dinner that involves more than 3 steps, and most days are dictated by Bear's mood.
I never thought of my child as particularly moody but I have realized that how she wakes up in the morning completely dictates how our day will go and nothing I have planned will change that. When I was working if she had a bad morning I just had to get through the first 45 min and get her off to school. I never realized what I might be dropping off for them to deal with all day. Here are the 3 sides of my pookie Bear:

Wide Awake:
Literally she pops straight up from sound asleep, bounds into the living room with a giant smile and proceeds to do gymnastics OFF the couch. These days she is like the energizer bunny and are best filled with trips to the playground, pool, or hours of running in an empty field.

Every day Bear starts whining and cranking as soon as the sun starts coming up. The difference is usually she finally accepts it and goes back to sleep. On cranky days she never gets back to sleep. She wakes with growls and grunts. The best course of action on these days is to as quickly as possible get her to the living room and immediately put on favorite show of the moment (Dora, Diego, Looney Toons, or Super Why) and pray you picked the right one. Then begin surrounding her with her favorite stuffed animals and blankies, set up a table of all her favorite snackie breakfasts, and fill cups with every kind of juice possible. This usually still makes her mad but at least its one fit versus dealing with the grunts to figure out what she wants. These are the best days for cleaning because she usually wants to be LEFT ALONE. I get it kid I have those days too.

Last we have Snuggly:
This is the very best. This is when she wakes up smiley but snuggly. She usually calls out to go to Mommy's bed (Daddy gets to sleep in it WAY more than Mommy but for some reason it's Mommy's bed. She wants to lay around and snuggle and laugh and tell jokes. These days are the best. They are great for going to the movies, reading books at the library, and playing low key fun games that are easy on a pregnant mommy.

Does anyone else's kid wake up these ways. Does it control how your day is going to go? Any suggestions for navigating any of my mornings?

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