Thursday, June 23, 2011

4 years doesn't feel long enough...

4 years ago... I married you... I thought I knew what marriage meant...I thought I would rock at it and it would be a piece of cake...
It really has been a piece of cake... decadent carrot cake with rich cream cheese frosting and an adorable icing carrot on top (that really is a necessity to the experience). All of this isn't because of me though... it's because of you. When I married you I knew we were opposites in all the ways that attract and the same in all the ways that were important. I knew you were a calming force to my panicked hurricane winds... I knew you were a saver where I am a spender... I knew you were a "see where it takes us" kinda person versus my plan every moment discuss every scenario. What I didn't know was how much these traits would mean to our marriage. In 4 years we have faced some scary stuff with my health, a tough pregnancy, graduate school, and a move across the country. Your calming force got me through those scary times. Although I know you were just as worried about many of these things, you knew how important it was to keep it together for me. I can't thank you enough for that (it helps that we lived close enough to the hospital that you didn't have to hold it together too long (: ). When my spending has gotten me in trouble... your saving has never failed to well... save us/me. If it weren't for you we couldn't have moved across the country with no job and a 4 month old, so that I could follow my dream and we could have our dream life. Your "see where it takes us" attitude has taken us to some pretty great places... Everything always works out for you and I am glad I get to be your co-pilot on those adventures.
When we got married we wrote each other letters. We both wrote about our love of travel and exploring as well as just sitting on the porch sharing margaritas, good music, and a fun game. Our travels have changed from caribbean islands to Disney World,our margaritas to chocolate milk, and our music is more often sung by Barney but our joy in doing these things has not diminished at all. It is just as much fun to break it down to "The Potty Dance" in our living room as it was to 80's music at Yiannis.
I've told you before and I hope to spend the rest of my life telling you... I couldn't think of a better partner to have in a marriage or in parenting. You are far and beyond my better half. Happy Anniversary honey. I love you!

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