Saturday, January 29, 2011

a totally 2 day...

argh!!! I think there is a reason that I have heard the second year referred to as both the Terrible Two's and the Terrific Two's. It is 2 as in 2 sides and 2 sides only... There is black and white... no gray... and it resembles bipolar disorder in many ways... The highs are Terrifically high and the lows well they can be downright Terrible! Bear has been bouncing back and forth from Terrific to Terrible all day. Earlier I caught her under the dining room table scribbling on the hardwood floors with a ballpoint pen. The ink can come up but there are lovely grooves in the floor now! As soon as I yelled "Bear!" She looked at me and said "I put myself in my cage mom." Now before you start calling the authorities because we cage our child, I promise you we don't. We have 2 dogs who get crated when we leave and when they need to go to "time out" for being bad. One of them will put herself in there when she knows she's been busted doing the wrong thing. I guess Bear is just following Ruby's example and putting herself in the cage before I do it for her :o). Later in the day when I held my own and did not let her have a third package of fruit snacks, Bear threw herself to the floor and said "I AM SO MAD moMMY!" Huge emphasis on the last syllable. I wasn't sure if I should be proud of her for expressing emotions in a perfectly formed sentence or be exasperated at yet ANOTHER fit.
She has also been completely adorable today. She told hubby "No go to work daddy!" Those kinds of things just melt your heart. So we will take our Terrible with our Terrific and hopefully daddy will be home from work soon :o).

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