Thursday, January 27, 2011

never take a 2 year old...

to the doctor with you... this was advice I got from a good friend a few years ago. Although she was referring to a horribly gone wrong OB appointment I stuck by this for a long time for all doctors appointments, thinking its germy, what are you going to do if they need you while the doctor is examining you, etc... But after the flu, strep throat, and a rapidly worsening case of bronchitis (in less than 9 days)I HAD to get to the doctor and Bear was with me. I grabbed the IPad and ran through McDonalds for a happy meal (they have My Little Pony toys now! Its like a drive thru toy store and I get a burger!) to keep her occupied. It was all going very well. She was impressing everyone with her good behavior and awesome IPad navigation skills. Then the doctor asks... "Are you using birth control?" Which of course leads to... "We are going to need you to take a pregnancy test before we give you this crazy antibiotic." First thought was black label antibiotics... thats a first... second thought... I have to take Bear with me...
It went well until of course we leave the bathroom and start making the trek ALL the WAY down a long hallway past every other exam room and every medical professional in the building. And because two year olds never ask questions/make comments when it is convenient... Bear starts a little monologue for the whole office... "Mommy pee pee cup... no drink!!! It PEE PEE!! pee pee cup? EWWW no drink the pee pee MOMMY!" emphasis on the Mommy, as if I had attempted to do this while we were in there and she saved me! While everyone was amazed at her little vocabulary.. I was completely embarrassed! You always hear about things kids say in public... well there was my experience with it this week! Kids say the darndest things... What have your kids said? What have you heard kids say?

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  1. That is too funny! Oh Ann, you have NO idea what all I've heard my children say. :) And I am one of those unfortunate ones who had to take my toddler to the OB/GYN. For months after that I would find Sarah shining flashlights on her stuffed animals. :)

    Just today Kate told me that she was going to put her tooth under her pillow tonight. I told her, no, she has to get bigger. She said, "Yeah, my tooth needs to grow up." LOL