Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Official...

...I've become my mom! I remember when McDonalds had little beanie babies as their happy meal toy... my mom would go all over town searching for the ones my sister was missing. She would call me on my way home from high school "I heard the McDonalds downtown has the bear! You HAVE to get a happy meal on the way home!" She had everyone searching for those darn things... imagine my dad going out to lunch with work friends and having to order a happy meal! This also took place when they had the miniature barbies. My mom still has all those beanie babies in a bag in her closet... She says she's saving them for my sister... but I think she just has too much invested in them to get rid of them.
Right now McDonalds has the little Only Hearts Pets as the girl Happy Meal toy. Bear LOVES these! She carries the three she has around, she makes them "shake the booty", she has tea parties with them... I figure a meal and a toy she loves all for 4 bucks? Score!!! Today I found myself going through the McDonald's drive-thru on my way back to work at lunch. Bear was not with me... but here I was ordering a Happy Meal for lunch! I was so disappointed to get another panda bear... So instead of saying oh well... What do I do? I hold up the line of people rushing back to lunch to ask the lady if she has ANYTHING else?!? It's official... I've become my mother... but I have a very happy little girl.

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