Sunday, December 19, 2010

division of parenting roles...

is necessary... I don't know if it happens out of habit, personal strengths or necessity... but there are definite roles in our household. Not that the other parent isn't capable of giving baths, reading books, or putting on jammies... it's just become routine to everyone in the family that we have specific roles. Now that I have stated the necessity of it... I am jealous of my husbands role. He is the "fun" parent. He still pulls his weight in the responsibility department but he just makes everything more fun. Even bathtime turns into a waterpark adventure (complete with wet floors and a wet daddy!) I am the "comforter" it has been this way since her first head bump... If Bear is sick, hurt, or just can't sleep she wants mommy. I wouldn't trade this role because there is nothing better than comforting your child... but it's hard. I have to see my child in pain armed with nothing but hugs and kisses. Maybe it is harder on my husband because not only does he only have hugs and kisses but she'd rather have mommy's. Sometimes I just want to kick off responsibility and be the "fun" parent! I want to not worry about rules but I am such a control freak it's difficult for me. As I type this I hear water splashing, animated voices, and my sick child laughing. I guess it's a good thing we have this balance and Bear doesn't have 2 control freak, multi-tasking, never relaxing parents. How is parenting divided in your household? What is your "role" and what is your husbands?

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