Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where do they get this stuff?

My daughter is going through a language explosion... Even more cool than the new words are the social aspects of language she is learning... like humor and sarcasm! Not yet two and she is seriously already sarcastic!
Today we were in Target and her diaper leaked (yep she's almost two and I still havent gotten the hang of this diaper thing ok really I was just trying to get through 1 more store!) and of course it happened while I was holding her... I told my mom "We gotta go I'm soaked" Bear looked at us and said "Mommy, I soaked TOO!" Like hello people it was my diaper that leaked!
Today I was looking at the Christmas Toy Books and Bear said, "What doing?" I said "Looking at toys." Bear responds "I knew that! I look too!" WOW when did she begin using past tense verbs? and asking questions? and putting sentences together?
I was looking at old pictures the other night and this time last year she was taking her first steps... this time 2 years ago I had just been put on bedrest... she didn't even exist except giving us all kinds of scares in my belly... now she's having entire conversations with me and telling jokes!
Anyone have any cute kiddoisms lately? I feel like I could write all night she just says the darndest things!


  1. kids are so cute. we have been trying to keep up with all the cute stuff aidan says. Ashlyn sounds like you.