Friday, September 5, 2014

I'm building an American Girl house....

whether Erik likes it or not! :) Poor guy! He finally puts his foot down on something and I just do it anyway :) In my defense he is worried about the space it will take and I think it will give all of the STUFF a place.  My girls LOVE their American Girl Dolls.  They play with them all day long and bring them with them as often as we let them.  I have been looking at the things that go with the dolls though and I just CAN'T afford it.  It's INSANITY! So I started looking online and found the COOLEST DIY houses.  I picked the best time to do it because right now all of the back to school things are on clearance so I was able to get locker chandeliers that are the perfect size for doll chandeliers! I was able to get locker rugs that make perfect doll rugs all at clearance prices. I am taking pics as I go so I can show you how I am doing it all!!! I can't wait to finish up!

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