Tuesday, May 28, 2013


So if you are a regular reader (I guess I would have to post more than every 6 months to have regular readers)... you will notice a change. I googled my girls names and was SHOCKED to see everything that popped up for them.  So I just spent an hour going back through my blog and changing their names to nicknames and removing our last name.  I just can't be too careful with their internet history and safety.  I tried to think up cute creative names but I couldn't come up with anything good so I just went with their nicknames.  So from here on out the characters on my blog are Bear... a vibrant yet shy 4 year old... Bees... an opinionated loving 1 year old and Hubby... the best darn husband in the world as well as guest appearances by Gram Gram!  I hope this doesn't throw you off too much.  Here they are!

  Bees- 19 months old
 Bear- 4 years old
The whole crew and my whole life
Gram Gram

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